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Welcome to Power Cords and More Online Store!

Power Cords and More specialise in computer power cords and leads for computer installations and data centres.

A wide variety of lengths and the convenience of two colours, black and white, provides flexible power cords installation especially in computer racks where power source differentiation and cable management provides a more professional and manageable installation.

10 and 15 amp cables are available in Australian 3 pin GPO style, IEC 60320 C13, C14, C19 and C20.

Also a number of specialty cords are availble for 56 series captive plugs and sockets as well as CEE 60309 plugs and sockets.

Adapter cables are also availble that convert from 56 series to CEE 60309 and vice versa for installations where power distribution units (PDU) are being installed but require plug convertion for installation.

Select from the categories in the menu to see available products and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.